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of teeth. it's as if we're hearing the cries from hell. peggy noonan said the grand old party is doomed if it keeps knocking hillary and keeps recognizing that president obama is the president of the united states. the ones who can see through the dark know they can't go on like this. margaret is not alone, bobby jindal said we have to stop being the stupid party. haley barbour says to stop making stupid comments, again, that word about rape. don't lose heart. like an old car that won't turn off, some character out in new mexico wants to stick women who are raped with stiff prison sentences if they get an abortion. she calls it tampering with the evidence. but wait a minute, crazy guys, didn't some of your republicans say you can't get pregnant in case of a rape? anyway, fighting our way through the crazy even as we hear the first loud barks and meows from the backyards of american politics. i have two analysts with me, the grio's joy reid and any time i can get you to giggle it's a good day. peggy noonan, talked about middle of the road conservative. quote, it became obvious this week
obvious this week that the republican party had to start taking barack obama seriously. he means to change america in fundamental ways as he sees it. the proper response to such a man is not -- was that he is not a muslim or he's a kenyan or working out his feelings of colonialism. it didn't hurt him, it hurt the republicans. can the gop in washington for now develop those things? what do you think? she's saying you're deluded yourself with the nonsensical charges of birtherism and it's hurt you, not him. >> i agree with you, peggy noonan is a tremendous writer, i don't agree with much of what she says. but here's the thing. they're not listening to the editorial page, they have been fed 30 or 40 years the insanity or the belief that their views are absolutely right. the idea of calling democrats marxists and being extreme on abortion that is not right, it's fundamentally american, more american than the other side. >> the polls say you're right. >> you can't change the cake by changing the frosting. the problem in the republican party is not the political or the intellectual class -- >> w
, there are some obvious places where the party has hemorrhaged voters. most disturbing for a republican survivali survivalist. hispanic voters, the fastest growing segment of the u.s. population gave president obama 71% of their vote. the question is why. the party introspection has led to much toing a ining free thro >> we have got to stop being the superparty, we have got to stop looking backwards. >> a republican come back, wherever it may come from, newly aggressive president with a big agenda and a lot of political muscle. >> we're expecting here over the next 22 months, to be the focus of this administration. as they attempt to annihilate the republican party. and let me just tell you, i do belie believe. >> can republicans recover in time to defend their house majority in 2014? we'll look at the future of the grand old party, with governor bob mcconnell. wait for it... wait for it... [ dog ] you know, i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, we won't make you wait for it. our efficient, online system allows us to get you t
of the u.s. population, gave president obama 71% of their vote. the question is why? the party intro speculation has led to much to-ing and fro-ing from outside washington republicans who think inside washington republicans are part of the problem. >> we got to stop being the stupid party. we have to stop insulting the intelligence of voters. >> a republican comeback, wherever it may come from, is made more difficult by a newly aggressive president with a big agenda. that's enough to keep the house speaker up at night. >> we're expecting here over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to anigh light the republican party. let me tell you, i do think that is a way to shove us to history. >> can republicans recovery in time to defend house majority in 2014? we'll look at the future of the grand old party with governor bob mcdonnell. with mia love, carlos gutierrez and governor scott walker. to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if y
of concerned mothers. >> this is a program that barack obama called for. he realizes that their members of both parties with no interest in seeing gun-control pass through congress. >> his secretary was not helped -- was on hand to reassure this crowd. >> this is about gun responsibility and gun safety. >> the legislation proposed this week does nothing about the estimated 3 million assault weapons currently own in the u.s.. he does realize that even the current proposals, calling for background checks and limiting the number of guns bought in the future might not pass congress. the pro-gun wrought -- pro-gun lobby boasts 4 million members and is likely to take a larger club to the side in which there will be heard. >> the u.s. justice department sentencing web site is back up after briefly been hijacked by hackers. the attack was said to be a response to the suicide of a hacker charged with computer fraud. it is 40 years since an agreement was signed in the vietnam war. 1.5 million people died in the conflict and it has taken decades to amend the diplomatic ties. rosalynn jefferies has more on
of the party. here's what he writes. obama is arguing that misfortune can strike americans in all forms. a sdabt, a storm, illness, or merely outliving our savings. ryan's budget imposes savage cuts to food stamps, children's health insurance, and other mitigations of suffering for the least fortunate. and ryan also voted against relief for victims of hurricane sandy. by ryan's definition, if the government is rebuilding your destroyed home, you're a taker too. >> look, this is a straw man argument. the president said earlier that we had suspicions about medicare and taking care of the elderly and feeding poor children. when he sets up these straw men, to affix views to add ver sears that they don't have, to win the argument by default, it's not an honest debate. we want to have a safety net. a safety net that's there for the vulnerable, poor, for people who cannot help themselves. but we don't want to have a culture in this country that encouraging more dependency that saps and drains people of their ability to make the most of their lives. >> which part of the culture today is doing t
's worried about europe. ludnick's worried about the u.s. >> the republican party who was elected to control the congress the same time as obama was elected are going to cross their arms and they are not going to raise the debt ceiling ultimately unless they get severe spending cuts and the obama administration is not going to give it to them. you're going to watch the u.s. do crazy, crazy things this year. >> he was pretty clear. he called it crazy. i talked to eric cantor earlier, the republican majority leader. he sort of said we're ready to deal and compromise, but people are very worried about what the u.s. could do. >> oh, and this latest decision to just kick the can, i hate to use the cliche, further down the road, axel neighbor is a former central banker in europe, also the head of ubs and he was absolutely in no doubt that what we are seeing in the u.s. in the political and economic process is dangerous. >> if you have the debt ceiling, the europeans will talk about how you can make that binding. in the u.s., the concern is much more whether you can lift it in time in order not to
.com. search gallaudet. >>> bipartisan agreement today about immigration reform. leaders of both parties saying they're optimistic about overhauling the system this year. president obama is scheduled to unveil his immigration plan on tuesday in nevada. former vice presidential candidate and wisconsin congressman paul ryan says lawmakers will be watching. on "meet the press" today ryan said he's cautiously optimistic about passing immigration reform this year. >> i think there's a balance between respecting the rule of law and adhering to the reality of the day, and i think marco rubio probably touched on it. i support and agree with the principles he laid out about earned legalization. >> he also talked about budget and deficit issue this is morning. he believes the sequester that was postponed will go into effect when the deal expires in march. >>> a busy week ahead on capitol hill. on monday the senate will vote on the $50 billion sandy aid bill, and then on tuesday a committee could vote to confirm senator john kerry as secretary of state setting up a full senate vote in early february. wedn
this is a fox. tonight, did one state become a prime battle ground for 2014? which party is eyeing the seat of a well-known senator who announced he would not run again . the man who was number two on the republican ticket makes a prediction about president obama's second term. >> and the president implements his agenda, the results will fall short of the rhetoric and they will not be pretty. the president will bait us and portray us as cruel can unyielding. >> paul ryan and the reemerging republican party sending a message x. why they say the future looks bright for the gop despite the critics. also, he had a six-day head start before anyone knew he was gone. now the fugitive who simply walked out of jail using an elaborate scheme to escape. new fall out after a school district punished a fifth grader after bringing a paper gun to school . was it all a misunderstanding that went too far? we report you decide. >> i am harris faulkner. we begin with a come back chorus with the grand old party. paul ryan joining republicans and sharing their vision . stay united and stay focused on t
security and medicare? does president obama want to destroy the republican party? >> obviously republicans want to make sure the entitlement programs are here for future generations. right now for every dollar we spend on young people we are spending four dollars on seniors. right now in medicare the average person pays for one third of the cost of the medicare program. now, dick durbin for what it is worth has been one of those people willing sit down and solve that problem and i congratulate him on that. as far as the president's goal of annihilating the republican party. i will say that i was glad to see that the house was unified behind something recently as it relates to the fiscal issues and i think that is a backstop to that. the fact is the one thing the president didn't mention in his speech was the major fiscal issue that our nation faces. it was everything but that and to me that was disheartening. it is the one issue that before anything else we need to put in the rear view mirror to make our country stronger. >> chris: senator durbin you are a member of a bipartisan group of s
the president's second term insisting mr. obama would try to divide the party. >> we can't get rattled. we won't play the villain in his moreality plays. we have to stay united. we have to show that if given the chance, we can govern. we have better ideas. >> on the democratic side, if hillary clinton decides to run, she would be the early favorite. with the president lavishing her with praise on this weeks "60 minutes." >> i want the country to appreciate what an extraordinary role she has played during the course of my administration and a lot of the successes we have had internationally have been because of her hard work. >> governor's andrew cuomo and maryland's martin o'malley are betting their ambitious efforts on gun control could propel presidential bids. the republican field is up in the air. >> american cannot afford four more years with this. >> after parting ways with fox news, a source close to sarah palin says she will be expanding her voice in the national discussion and hasn't shut any doors. new jersey governor, chris christie has friending facebook founder, mark zuckerberg. >
-yards and said his age did play a role in his decision. president obama released a statement thank youing harkin for his service. >> today former republican vice-presidential candidate paul ryan called on members of his party to stick together and pick its fights carefully. the congressman perfect wisconsin says republicans should be prepared for president obama to try to delegitimize them during his second term. ryan said it's important that the g.o.p. does not allow itself to be vilified, but rather provide better ideas than democrats. >> we'll need to use every tool at our disposal. sometimes we will have to reject the president's proposals. that time might come more than once. and sometimes we'll have to make them better. the president will bait us. he will portray us as cruel and unyielding. >> at the national review summit republican leaders discussed way to attract more women and hispanics since the face of the american electorate is changing. >>> the work linked to the fake girlfriend hoax linked to college football player manti t'eo is shutting down her social media acc
and ten seats in congress to democrats in that 2012 election. his job as head of the national party even as lenient -- louisiana's popular governor and from a republican both cried out for the party's revitalization, new ideas, and the voices. obama administration stalwart treasury secretary gagger and secretary of state clinton bidding farewell to the administration. clinton finally this week testifying on benghazi, trying to explain away one of the administration's biggest failures. another week in which president obama has dispatched vice-president biden to campaign against the second amendment. the president's inaugural this week. next week he launches his campaign for comprehensive immigration reform. next week senator kerry to be confirmed as the next secretary of state as early as tuesday. the president's nominee to replace the outgoing defense secretary, leon panetta, this week maintaining a low profile. secretary panetta competing for media and public attention when he made a surprise announcement as he lifted the ban on female troops in combat. retired army general and done wha
the parties. the issues are difficult. the solutions are more complex. it is not easy to find that compromise. it is easy to say that it's president obama's fault. i heard that from the previous president. but the reality is, you cannot dance with someone if they keep saying no. when you have a republican party that is divided amongst itself, in terms of where the country should go, how do you find that common ground that basically unites the country? it's extremely difficult. >> eric: how do we find that common ground? do you think it's possible with the horrible debt, $16.5 and counting trillion. and they said, okay, we are going to delay the debt ceiling situation for now and want really address it, immediately, pushing the can down the road. is this proverbial constant delay, delay, delay until they can get anything together? >> i don't blame president obama for all of this. i do think he inherit the a very polarized nation. richard nixon and ronald reagan won re-election with 48 and 49 states. obama squeaked out a victory here. one thing obama has to do, even if it's not his fault, he ha
than 70% of hispanics in the last election voted for president obama. that's not sustainable for the republican party if they want to win a national election there is unanimity among republicans that something has to give on immigration reform. i think you will see immigration reform this year, i think you will see some form, call it amnesty, a pathway to citizenship, something that allows those who are in this country without documents to get into the legal lane, some way, some. how >> gun control that's certainly on the agenda. dianne feinstein of california offered her legislation this week to ban assault weapons but the turnout at a gun control rally yesterday in d.c. was tepid, and democrats are hedging on this. is anything really going to get done on this issue? >> i think something will get done but the idea of assault weapons ban may be an overreach, not just because there are a number of republicans, most republicans who oppose it, there are democrats, many as many as a dozen, who live in states that have gun cultures, guns part of growing up, hunting along with fish
this a proportionately -- who have struggled disproportionately in the obama economy. in two years from now, your party will be up against republicans that offer something better, more from the economy, more opportunity for everybody. in the next election, i do not know who people will vote for. i do not even know who is going to be running. but i know this -- we are going to be a republican party that people will want to join, a party that inspires again. [applause] not a party that just says no, but a party that says follow us to a brighter future with a smile on our face. a party of prosperity, success, and freedom. it does not matter where you live, who you are, what you look like, or what your last name is because we are going to be the party for everybody everywhere across america. [applause] that is the party that you and i are here to renew. that is the party that we are going to grow, and that is the party that can win. as your chairman, i am going to do everything i can do to achieve this better future. but i want you to know that it will take all of us together to make that happen. i need yo
republicans to choose their bathses careful nepresident obama's second term. speaking to republicans today, ryan said the party should end internal disputes, warning that president obammal try to divide them. and republicans saying that they should reject some of the president's proposals and work to improve on others. the obama administration wants $32 million to train african troops in the fight against extremists holed up in mali and considering providing air tankers to assist french fighter jets. our government is helping, transporting french troops and equipment to mali. france has 2400 forces there and says it wants african nations to take the lead. now back to "geraldo at large." for the latest headlines, go to >> we couldn't come do an agreement on it. i mean, it was 9-1. one guy wouldn't give. >> the hangup was everyone couldn't get past her criminal side of her life. which really had nothing to do with this case. and there was a couple that couldn't get beyond that she had lied. >> geraldo: on friday, a federal judge declared a mistrial in the defamation suit filed b
: which -- >> he wants to continue to keep his tea party bona fides. chris: when we come back the big question of the week. now that we have seen the second inaugural address k. barack obama be the most transformative president since reagan? be right back. >> "the chris matthews show" is brought to you by charles schwab. let's talk about giving your portfolio a chris: welcome back. candidate barack obama offended the clintons during the 2008 primaries with this interview in reno. >> i think ronald reagan changed the trajectory of america in a way that richard nixon did not. and in a way that bill clinton did not. chris: which brings us to this week's big question. can barack obama become a transformative president even if republicans go all out to stop him? chuck todd. >> here's how it works. he only -- only if he gets a third term. you have to break -- to transform, to move a country from senator right -- from center right to center left. a more conservative democratic party. that's when you know success -- chris: he's got to get one of these two people elected. >> that's right. >> i
easily. >> the second obama administration began with an 19- minute 2114-word address that senate minority leader mitch mcconnell described as an unabashedly left-of-center speech that broughback memoriesf the democratic party of ages past. >> our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity, until bright young students and engineers are lifted in our work force rather than expelled in our country. . our journey is not complete until all our children, from the streets of detroit to the hills of appalachia to the lanes of the town know that they are cared for. and chished. and always safe from harm. >> immigration and gun-control. at his comments on the need to preserve medicare, medicaid, and social security, and you have a good picture of where you want to take the country. how would you grade the president's speech a to f? >> i thought it was a lot better than the first speech. the crowd had a blast. it was a speech that does represent his overall view of governing. >> colby, a to f? >> strong b, not
them one at a time. growth. there was a time when republicans were unabashedly the party of growth. we need to return to that. since world war ii our economy's grown an average of 3.3%. under barack obama in the last four years it grew 1.5%. less than half the historic average. if we don't get growth back, none of these problems get fixed. if we can get back to historic averages of growth, 3%, 4%, 5%, every one of these challenges we're talking about is transformed. the 23 million people who are struggling to find jobs? the only way they get jobs is growth. the train wreck that is our federal balance sheet? the only way it gets fixed is if there's growth. if we see 4% growth, which is very close to the historic average over the last 200 years, 4% growth in a decade will produce 10 million new jobs. 4% growth in a decade will produce $3 trillion in additional tax revenue to pay down deficits and the debt. by the way, that is more than barack obama hopes to get through his massive tax increases. there's more revenue through growth than there ever could be through tax increases, which is
and deal with the demographic problems that the republican party has. >> should he have been reaching out to the republicans, george will? >> well, the post-partisan obama of 2008 gave his inaugural speech in 2009 and a couple weeks later passed the stimulus bill with no republican votes because it was simply a wish list of 30 years of democratic longing, so i think it was a fairly perishable moment. to me, martha, the emblematic sentence from the speech was this "we reject the belief that america must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future." the president lives in a parallel universe where a dollar spent on "a" can also be spent on "b." there's no scarcity. no choices involved. and for all the solicitude he express, we're not investing in them, we're borrowing from them because conveniently they're not here and can't object. >> well, it wasn't just president obama who changed his tone and changed his style. the republicans, it appears are trying to reboot, as well. the republicans met this week in charlo
on snl. kendrick talks about >>> president obama is praising senator tom harkin tonight after the iowa lawmaker announced he will not run for re-election. harkin served in congress for nearly 40 years and the announcement sets up a likely battle between parties to fill his seat. vice presidential candidate paul ryan will be sitting down with david gregory on "meet the press" tomorrow to talk about the future of the republican party. that's tomorrow at 10:30 here on nbc4. >>> starting tomorrow, you might have to pay more for using plastic. retailers argue since they have to pay a fee for every transaction, they should be allowed to pass that fee along to the consumer. if there is a fee they must disclose it at the register or on their website. it is up to each individual business to decide and many large retailers say they have no plans to actually charge a fee. >>> snail mail will cost you more starting tomorrow. the postal service is raising the cost of a first class stamp to 46 cents. other shipping prices are going up by 4%. they are trying to make up for billions in lost revenue th
-lasting legacy of barack obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party standing up and fighting for principles. \[applause] look at the leaders who have been here this weekend. look at paul ryan. look at scott walker. look at ken cuccinelli. look at tom cotton. a new generation of leaders who understand conservative principles are right, conservative principles work. i like to refer to this generation as the children of reagan. because all of us were kids when reagan was president. and his model of optimistic, positive leadership bringing people together and understanding that our principles work and create opportunity, opportunity for those climbing the ladder is what we're seeing replicating all over this country. i'm convinced we're going to win the argument. and it's going to be the men and women in this room who are on the front lines winning that fight. god bless you. [applause] [applause] >> my boy can talk. i'm told by our masters. we have time for about eight minutes of "q&a -- of q + a. if you would like to ask a question, shoot your hand up boldly. >> i w
will be among the big issues president obama will face in his second term. the debt is another. while republicans confront the future of the once grand old party. the sunday talk shows threw all of that, plus women in combat up for debate this morning. and melanie alnwick has your political roundup. >> reporter: after this week's big announcement removing the ban on women serving in combat, fox news sunday brought in the nation's first female combat pilot. she says when it comes to battle readiness, all service members should be judged equally. >> the bottom line is we need to treat people like individuals. what are the capabilities they bring to the fight, which includes physical strength, plus courage, plus aptitude, plus leadership and all the other things we need to have the most effective fighting force. >> reporter: as the new mols is implemented -- policy is implemented, some warn of pitfalls. >> where does this go? draft women, release them from the service for pregnancy? where does it ultimately go? they're in combat and they should be in combat and we should find opportuniti
being the stupid party. now former vice presidential candidate paul ryan has set up a new round of budget battles with the obama administration. >> reporter: republican congressman paul ryan said republicans and conservatives will need prudence to deal with president obama's second term. part of that, he says, is showing voters what the president's agenda looks like once it's been implemented. >> in the president's first term we argued against big government in theory. and in his second term, we'llng practice. obama care is no longer a 2,000 page bill. now it's 13,000 pages of regulations and its growing. it's being implemented. this year the law will restrict our ability to use flexible spending accounts. it will raise taxes on life saving medical devices. >> reporter: ryan, possible a presidential contender in 2016, said republicans should be prepared for the president to try to "de legitimize them," but urged them to be smart. >> we'll need to use every tool at our disposal. sometimes we'll have to reject the president's proposals. that time might come more than once. sometim
. nominated by president barack obama for secretary of defense. these could be interesting to watch. reservations by senators of both parties. >>> on thursday, yes, it could be, could be hillary clinton's last day as aersecretary of sta. depends on how the nomination process for her replacement, john kerry, plays out. that could happen on friday. on sunday, the super bowl, of course. the 49ers take on the ravens in new orleans and, just to note, coming off her inauguration lip syncing controversy, beyonce will perform at this year's big half-time show. that is a look at your week ahead. >>> how is this for a family rivalry. the head coaches of the super bowl bond baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers are brothers. jim and john harbaugh and are their parents choosing sides? brian todd has the report. >> reporter: they tried to downplay the family angle, but it's virtually impossible. >> i don't think you ever put your family aside, joe, you know. but, well, yeah the priority. we have a job to do. all of us have a job to do. jim has a job to do. all of his coaches and our coach
a handle on why, and we have a faction of hard right tea party people in the republican caucus in the house that will not let the moderate members, even really talk to obama, talking or compromise is out. >> was there an agenda missing? >> growing the economy. >> they are the most strategic group of people. though can not figure out what they believe in and how to fight obama. >> are they on the wrong side of social issues? >> shear what they should do. they could be on some of it but it is not the social issues but the big questions. the country is going broke. and want not be big government but they cannot frame it in a way that says we don't care. >> what about speaker boehner and mcconnell and the leadership. >> there is no pro growth agenda to create jobs. there is nothing aspirational. you are right on social issues. there is no tolerance. bottom line, there is nothing for a voter to --. >> here is speaker boehner, react to what he said about the president. take a listen to this. >> so, we over the next 22 months, we will be the focus of this administration, as they attempt to annihil
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 71 (some duplicates have been removed)